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CCITEK® Ceramic  
Product introduction Technical Parameters

CCITEK® foundry sand is designed to replace traditional foundry ceramics.


Product Series:
CCITEK® Foundry sand has  C series G series and L series. The main differences among these 3 series are their refractoriness, color, particle distribution, and bulk density.
Product characters:
1.Comparing with silica sand, CCITEK® foundry sand has better surface abrasion resistance, and loner reclaim life cycle.
2. CCITEK® foundry sand C series and G series has better sintering temperature than traditional foundry ceramic sand.
3. CCITEK® foundry sand’s expansion rate is only 23.6~25.6% of silica sand,and better than traditional foundry ceramic. It’s roundness and sphericity are much better than silica sand.
4. CCITEK® foundry sand’s PH value tends to weak alkaline, which is good match for alkali phenolic resin.
5.CCITEK® foundry sand’s density is very close to silica sand and much easier to mix evenly with silica sand.
6.CCITEK® foundry sand C series and G series reaches 1790℃,  can be used in higher pouring temperature and is good for solving sticky sand burn-in, and veining issues.
C Series is suitable for steel, iron, alumni. It’s good for big iron:sand ratio castings, good for cold box and can help to boost casting surface strength.
G Series is suitable for steel, iron, alumni, not suitable for big iron:sand ratio castings, not suitable for castings do not need high surface strength.
L Series is good for big sand: iron ratio castings, not suitable for small cores. Copyright ICP 11003915 prepared by Yu 2015 MOOC+

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